• Save time
  • Look professional
  • Meet your deadline
  • Increase project successes

The Right MS Word Expert Can Do More for You

Services with big benefits
  • Keep your project on track
    by having me quickly troubleshoot and fix your document problems.

  • Increase success rates by redesigning your MS Word documents to improve navigation and comprehension.

  • Save time by giving your staff professionally-prepared and automated Microsoft Word templates.

  • Save time by having me create tables and illustrations, edit photographs, and setup an automated table of contents. 

  • Increase staff efficiency through Microsoft Word training
    (included with every project).
qualifications that ensure success

I bring qualifications and make contributions well above other Microsoft Word services. Hire me
with confidence for the toughest,
most important projects.

My customers are individuals, small businesses, and corporations including  GE Healthcare, Boston Scientific, Pall Life Sciences, TUV, Trumpf, Saint-Gobain, FuelCell Energy, LEWA, and Polaroid. My documents have won awards three years running in peer review competitions.

I don't try to be an expert in all Microsoft products. I specialize to be
the best. I have used Microsoft Word every day, all day, for 30 years. I can create original designs or duplicate
any format required by your project,
and I can do it properly so the document
is easy to use.

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Meet Your Goals—I help you succeed with proposals, technical reports, user guides, contracts, SOPs, forms, and other documents that communicate essential information. (Click here to see services.) I troubleshoot and format MS Word documents.  And I can design and present your information in a visually appealing way—one that optimizes readability, navigation and comprehension. The result is the increased success rate of projects and the efficient use of staff resources. Save time. Save money. Increase success.

Solving your document design problems

I help you save time, look professional, and meet project deadlines by designing, formatting, or troubleshooting your Microsoft® Word documents.

If needed, I can design and build your business documents from multiple sources of content, data, and images.
I am fast and work remotely.

Adding me as a temporary member of your team enables you and your staff to stay focused on strategy and content development. I manage the document design, formatting, editing, illustrations, photographs, and the coordination
of authors.

In the end, your audience receives
an appealing business document that
is easy to read and navigate. Knowledge transfer improves and so does your chance for success.