– 54,000 hours of technical writing experience

– 20,000 hours of technical experience

– M.A. Degree in journalism

I have been a freelance technical writer for 30 years. You do not stay in business 30 years as a sole proprietor unless you put your customers first and provide value that they want over and over.

As a technical writer, I worked with Microsoft Word every day,
all day, to create every imaginable type of document. For each
of those 6,700 working days, I strove to work faster and better with Word, creating stable, easy-to-use documents. That is the experience I bring to your project.

You have my promise that I will complete your project as quickly
as possible and at the highest level of quality that I can provide.
I will always put your interest first so that the next time you need help with MS Word, you will remember the service, integrity,
and value I provide.

Tom's Qualifications Bring More to Your Project

Tom Gajda, MS Word Expert